Sign this petition to protect Mayor Mashaba from the ANC’s baseless Motion of No Confidence!

Mayor Mashaba is working hard to remove the corrupt system the ANC left in Johannesburg. But the ANC wants to remove him through a Motion of No Confidence because they want to get back to eating the people’s money.

To date, Mayor Mashaba’s new Anti-Corruption Unit has uncovered almost R16 billion worth of corrupt activities inherited from the ANC-led City of Johannesburg’s old office! Your Mayor is fighting to bring total change by cutting corruption and delivering better services.

Since he took over, Mayor Mashaba has:

  • Allocated R1.9 billion to upgrading 51 informal settlements – making sure that all our residents receive better services.
  • Created over 21 000 EPWP job opportunities.
  • Delivered over 3 900 title deeds to residents, giving them ownership of a home they can pass on to their children.
  • Hired 1 500 more Metro Police officers to keep communities safe.

Sign our petition to keep Mayor Mashaba in office.  CLICK HERE