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I like happy residents and a beautiful community and that is my constant fight. I can't do it alone and depend on each resident to be proactive, take responsibility, report issues correctly to get resolution and to be part of making our Ward 23 great.

If you feel that something should be posted on our website to inform residents please send me a note - see my 'Contact Us' page or send me a WhatsApp message. I look forward to working with all our residents to make a difference in Our Community.


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Cllr Sarah Wissler
Cllr Sarah Wissler is at City Of Johannesburg Council.
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City Of Johannesburg Council
Awards ceremony for the JMPD officers who were trained by the Chinese Fujian Police college.

The skills learned are very impressive and will certainly help our officers in keeping themselves safe and the residents.

I’m proud to be part of this ceremony and to do the vote of Thanks
Cllr Sarah Wissler
Cllr Sarah Wissler shared a post.
With mountains of building rubble, industrial waste, and even animal carcasses being illegally dumped across the entire length of the Klip River wetland along Swartkoppies Road.
Cllr Sarah Wissler
Cllr Sarah Wissler
Communities all over Joburg working to fast track areas they live in.

Ward 23 residents, learn that if we work together to clean up and get things moving faster our ward will be the jewel of the South.

Look at Rosebank community working with City Parks. I am here to help too. Every 3rd Saturday of the month is A Re Sebetseng.

Cllr Sarah Wissler
Cllr Sarah Wissler
ℹDid You Knowℹ

To host an event in the @CityofJoburgZA requires compliance with both #JoburgByLaws & the Safety At Sports & Recreation Events Act #SASREA

Find out more about the Events Joint Operations Committee below 👇👇👇
Cllr Sarah Wissler
Cllr Sarah Wissler
#BuyaMthetho #RegionF1
Caught in the Act: These 👇3x suspects were found stripping a stationary Putco Bus at Booysens Rd & Kliprivier Dr. Officers got a tip off from a member of public. Upon arrival officers caught the suspects red-handed.

Lawlessness will not be tolerated!
Cllr Sarah Wissler
Cllr Sarah Wissler
Almost forgot about this very important meeting we had on Wednesday with the Klipriversberg Nature reserve. This was a collective meeting with Cllr Stewart of Ward 125 & Cllr Marais of Ward 54.

The reserve falls mostly in ward 23 with portions of it in the other wards.

We went to discuss the upgrades to the reserve with entrances to be upgraded to the same standard as the one on Peggy Vera rd, fence line, erosion of the water ways, wildlife in the reserve and the heritage sites to mention a few.

However a bigger concern for all of us the is amount of crime on the ward 125 & ward 54 side. The majority of the meeting focused on this. Ward 23 is not affected as much as those areas and it’s unrelenting presently. SAPS & the reserve seem to be fighting a losing battle.

We collectively have started working on a security plan for those areas via public safety and community Development. We have asked for a number of things and we are trying to get GDARD emergency approval around the environmental issues for us to get these implemented should the money become available. I cannot elaborate too much as yet as it’s still in its infancy stages. We still need to engage with all the other stake holders on this issue as well.

We take this very seriously as our community’s are suffering. Once we have more concrete plans, I’ll update you on these.


I am on my to provide political support to our law enforcement agencies for carrying out this important assignment. Counterfeit goods destroy our economy, resulting in the high unemployment of our people.
@CityofJoburgZA @JoburgMPD @AsktheChiefJMPD

Volunteers flock to rehabilitate eroded banks of Zoo Lake | Rosebank Killarney Gazette

A skilled & job ready work force to grow the @CityofJoburgZA economy is key to creating a #SaferJoburg

Check out South Africa's best in vocational skills at #WorldSkills2019

Skills create opportunities and connect societies. They are the foundation of economic progress.

Oversight visit at Bushkoppies balancing tank with MMC @NicoDeJager64 to inspect progress on the R85m investment by @JHBWater @CityofJoburgZA. sahara67 photo


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