As of 1 July 2017, Pikitup will be implementing a new bin replacement policy. A year ago the City started implementing a monthly household Waste Management Levy instead of a charge based on the number of bins on each property. This means that there is technically no limit on the number of bins that a household can put out for collection (Note that Pikitup will soon be launching a new Separation at Source scheme in the ward that will reduce the amount of trash and also reduce the number of bins you need).

This year, the City has adopted a new bin policy that is a little bit confusing. I have broken it down for you to make it easier to understand. There are four categories of bin replacements:

1) If you have no bin at your house - ie it is a new house or you have purchased one and there was no bin. You apply to Pikitup and the bin is free.

2) If you want a second or more bins, you contact Pikitup and pay R421.80 (R370 plus VAT) per bin.

3) If your bin has been stolen or gone missing. You can get ONE free bin replacement every 8 years starting from 1 July 2017. After that you pay R421.80 per bin.

4) If your bin is broken or damaged, then you will get a free bin, proving that you return the old bin.

The Process to Obtain a Bin

In each of the above options, you need to call the COJ call centre on 011-3755555 and obtain a reference number. You will need your account number when you do this.

If it has been stolen, then you should first visit your nearest police station and report it. You will need to provide the case number when calling the COJ call centre.

If you need to pay for the bin(s), then you need to go to your Regional Walk In Centre (for Ward 117, it is Randburg, cnr Jan Smuts Ave and Braam Fischer Dr) with the reference number, a copy of your municipal bill and cash to the value of R421.80 (R370 plus VAT) per bin.

Note: I have requested that Pikitup should just add the R421.80 to your bill, but this has fallen on deaf ears so far. I will keep pushing for this to happen though.

In theory, Pikitup will then alert the depot that services your suburb and deliver a bin within a week. In practice, I suggest you send your Ward Cllr your

- name

- cell

- address

- ref #

- attach a copy of the receipt if you have paid for a bin.

He/she will then contact the relevant depot and they will arrange it to be delivery to the resident.