Meeting the committee of Renaissance Retirement Village on the issues regarding traffic at the entrance. (31-10-2017)

Hoping to get some solutions ? #LoveWard23

Oversight at an informal settlement to hear issues on service delivery. (30-10-2017)

Kagiso Extension 12

Oversight committee meeting where we meet with petitioners to discuss their issues. (30-10-2017)

Outstanding Halloween Trick or Treat with GANSRA yesterday.

A very big thank you to all the residents who supported the GANSRA fund raiser. It was a wonderful day and we had around 300 people there.

Thanks to Mall of the South, Calisto’s, Allegence property (Julian), Col Cacchio (MOTS), Turn & Tender (Bassonia), Capital Air, WebAfrica & Gold Reef City for their support & contribution to the prizes. ER24, D&D Tactical for always supporting

To the GANSRA team who work really hard on the day & your constant contribution to the this fantastic community, I thank you. You guys a simply the best! We are very lucky to have you.

Myself and the GANSRA team thank you all for coming. We will be coming up with more great things to do in the community where families can get out and have fun.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. & This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New prizes for tomorrow’s Trick or Treat. Thank you Gold Reef City & Capital Air ????? (27-10-2017)

We are ready for the quiz night. Come join us! Belem in Glenanda ? (26-10-2017)

Section 79 Petitions Committee Meeting (26-10-2017)

JOC file done for Halloween trick or treat this weekend. I’ll be presenting to JOC tomorrow. (25-10-2017)

Awesome residents meeting tonight in Liefde en Vrede (25-10-2017)

Discussed issues with building control and illegal dumping.>/p>

Thanks for offering your time to help with the clean up campaign ❤️

Spent time today with JMPD, JRA & Enviromental Health going to some of the trouble sites. (23-10-2017)

We will be continuing this on Wednesday where we will be inspecting illegal dumping sites and the water servitude’s. #LoveWard23

#Change19 Let’s make a stand, our country needs you to help make the change. (23-10-2017)

This is what is needed to rebuild a home that’s lost in an informal settlement. (22-10-2017)

Wood, nails, zinc, Windows & doors. If you can help us, please ????? help. Trying to restore dignity to those who have less than nothing.

Contact me. Let’s show how much we care. Contact me directly #LoveWard23

Thank you for all the donations from my wonderful residents, the goodies went to help these destitute residents who lost their homes in a massive fire in Denver. (22-10-2017)

If your clearing out, consider giving to us so that we can keep Disaster Management stocked to help those when they need it the most. Kibler Park Fire station is our collection point. #LoveWard23

Click Here

Congratulations to the new Regional team. This fantastic group of people are the ones who will lead the Johannesburg Region to the 2019 elections. (22-10-2017)

From MMC Sun of Public Safety (21-10-2017)

JMPD impounded this vehicle in Soweto, the driver was required to repair his car with "Genuine Parts" before it was released back to him.

It’s all happening at Regional Congress.  (21-10-2017)

I’m standing for Regional Chair Person for Fundraising. Wish me LUCK!! ??

Giving a helping hand. (20-10-2017)

There was a massive shack fire in Denver where 70 homes were burned to the ground and families injured.

MMC Sun asked for help with supplies for Cllr Pieterse.

Lucky for me, my residents are so giving. I have able to fill up a Bakkie full of clothing, shoes & toys.

If your clearing out, let me know do that we can restock for the next disaster


Looking for something fun to do on the 28th? (19-10-2017)

This is its 4th year and seriously lots of fun! GANSRA Halloween???

Entrance is bags of sweets, we give them to the participating homes in the closed zone. JMPD, CPF, D&D & Capital Air will assisting with safety and the roads will be closed.

Bring your bikes & skateboards, dress up in your scariest costume as there are prizes for best dressed. Boerewors rolls & cold drinks for sale. I bet you won’t find me, I’ll be dressed up too!???

So if you think my job just comprises of fixing potholes & streetlights (19-10-2017)

This was council today. I think we need helmets & riot shields. Any takers?? 

Click here to watch!

Thank you Cake Away in Mulbarton for making my 50th birthday Cake. (14-10-2017)

It’s not only stunning but even a week later the cake tasted awesome!

Please be on the lookout for dead birds in our neighbourhood.

#BirdFlu is here. Report sightings to @JoburgParksZoo

City of Joburg has been affected by the global outbreak of the Avian Influenza (HPAI) H5N8 strain that was first detected in Europe and Asia. The seasonal migration of free roaming birds have aided in the spread of the virus. This is evident in various parts of the country including in the City of Joburg, around the Westdene Dam, Emmarentia Dam, Zoo Lake and the Joburg Zoo.

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JPCZ) would like to allay resident’s concerns. The H5N8 strain prevalent in Joburg, is not contagious to human beings.

There is no cause for concern regarding the spread of the disease to citizens, however as per the City’s standard cautionary advice, residents are urged to take the necessary precautions, by:

1. Refrain from handling or making contact with sick or dead birds;

2. Do not attempt to feed wild birds or resuscitate sick birds;

3. Report sightings of sick or dead birds to JCPZ on 011 712-6600. A team is on standby to assist with the removal of diseased birds which are being incinerated, and

4. Ensure that all poultry produce is properly cooked

Johannesburg City Parks has recovered over 581 carcasses and has incinerated a further 243 chicks and 110 deserted eggs. The Joburg Zoo is also exercising the necessary caution as per the Office of the State Veterinarian to ensure that the valuable collection of vulnerable species, continue to be protected as per the biosecurity measures put in place by the State Vet, at the Joburg Zoo.

The Joburg Zoo remains open to visitors who will need to use the footbaths with disinfectant at the exits. Vehicles exiting from inside the Zoo are being sprayed as well and employees leaving the Zoo are also requested to comply with the daily quarantine measures put in place to contain the spread of the Avian Influenza.

Symptoms in birds include a combination of respiratory problems, or diarrhoea followed by rapid death. All dead birds are being incinerated and are being handled as per strict health and safety regulations.

Residents, who have concerns, may direct their enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 011 712-6600 or report sightings after hours to 082 906 1515.

Issued on behalf of the

Councillor Nonhlanhla Sifumba

Member of the Mayoral Committee for Community Development

City of Joburg

Clarity from By Laws as stipulated in JOC Apps:


Use of fireworks prohibited in certain circumstances

30. (1) Unless so authorised in terms of section 33, no person may use fireworks –

(a) within 500 metres of any explosives factory, explosives storage place, petrol depot or petrol station;

(b) (b) inside any building;

(c) on any agricultural holding;

(d) at any public place; or

(e) at any school, old age home or hospital.

(2) No person may light or ignite fireworks in any place where animals are present.

(3) Unless so authorised in terms of section 33, no person may light or ignite fireworks on any day or at any time except -

(a) New Years Eve from 23h00 to 01h00;

(b) New Years Day from 19h00 to 22h00;

(c) Hindu New Year from 19h00 to 22h00;

(d) Lag b’omer from 19h00 to 22h00;

(e) Chinese New Year from 19h00 to 22h00;

(f) Human Rights Day from 19h00 to 22h00;

(g) Freedom Day from 19h00 to 22h00;

(h) Guy Fawkes Day from 19h00 to 22h00;

(i) Divali from 19h00 to 22h00;

(j) Christmas Eve from 19h00 to 22h00; and

(k) Day of Goodwill from 19h00 to 22h00.

Get Calming tablets from you local vet, keep your pet in a safe place and turn the TV up.

Have you heard??? (07-10-2017)

There’s a new building supply shop at the Glenvista Shopping Centre.

As everyone knows, I really love to support local! So get down there and visit Enrico and tell him I told you to visit and get 5 % discount on your purchase. Remember....... say Cllr Sarah sent you! ?

We marched to the Gupta’s in the rain in Saxonwold yesterday. (06-10-2017)

On Tuesday I caught some guys dumping on Mount Pellan which JMPD dealt with & issued a big fine. (06-10-2017)

We then discovered that a resident was paying them to build a road for them to use on the storm water servitude.

Yesterday JMPD, Environmental Health & myself had a long chat to the resident responsible and informed them its council owned (JRA) and they cannot just do as they want and without permission.

JMPD issued them with a clean up order and if it’s not cleared JRA will clean it and the they will get a very nasty bill on their water & lights account.

Just because there is an open space next to your property doesn’t give you the right to use it. Ask first or you could end up getting a very nasty fine.

Yesterday morning I got an early start in the rain with Vumatel & Transnet where we discussed at length the issue of drilling across Belairs Drive. (06-10-2017)

The problem is there’s a Petrol pipeline in the middle of Belairs and this could potentially be very dangerous.

I need to hear from Vuma what their plan was and what Transnet required to protect the pipeline & the safety of the residents for me was paramount.

After a 3 hour meeting it was agreed that on Wednesday 11 October to Friday 13 October, we will close the road on Belairs from the traffic lights on Cnr True North, Belairs & Voster, Belairs & Norwich.

This is a very tricky process and we cannot risk having vehicles up & down while they work. This is for the safety of the residents.


I think I need to get better footwear for running around the ward when it’s raining ?⚡️? (05-10-2017)

Myself, JMPD By Law Enforcement with Environmental Health were at the site of the dumping on top of Comaro. (05-10-2017)

We noticed that the owner of the land has been dumping his rubble there and has blocked the storm water servitude.

It’s a terrible sight! I checked with Development planning and there are no approved plans for that site either.

JMPD & Environmental Health will be paying the owner a visit. I hope to have answers for you soon as to how he is going to clean up his mess! Our beautiful ward is no ones dumping ground!!!

A very long day! (04-10-2017)

1) City Power to sort out issues with contractors, disconnections and meter readings. This plan of action is to get a list of disconnections and if any correspond with any of our outstanding queries we will attempted to get finance to withdraw them.

2) Meeting at a local remedial School called Gap College

3) Checked on the wheelchairs , walkers & crutches that were donated and to sort it out

4) Meeting with a few residents at Cafe La Plume

5) On route back I caught guys dumping red handed on Mount Pellan. Jmpd issued a big fine, made them clean up and gave the resident responsible a stern talking to. Environmental health and JMPD will be back to deal with the the resident tomorrow. Tomorrow we are dealing with the dumping on Comaro road with JMPD & Enviromental.


A very wonderful lady from an old age home donated wheelchairs & walkers which will be given to the city’s social development team. (01-10-2017)

I just love it when we are able to help more people because of these fantastic donors. ??