New fire engines , state of the art too .......are on their way!!!  ?? (29-03-2017)

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Kibler Park Fire Station - Update (28-03-2017)

Front page of the Tame Times!! Well done all that helped!!


This morning we had all the big hitters at the Klipriver Rec Centre.

JOC, Environmental Health & Community Development.

We went through the Centre and everyone was in agreement that we seriously need to intervene and get the Centre fixed. Closing the doors is the only way. We will communicate as to when this is going to happen as there is lot of work needed to fix the place.

#SafetyFirst !!

Klipriver Rec Centre (27-03-2017)

This has been an on going battle, the place was supposed to be closed until it was fixed but then today the water pipe for the sprinklers burst and flooded the Centre. Hopefully we can get this sorted out once and for all tomorrow. The place needs to be fixed and made to be great again. Lack of maintenance is the problem. It should never have been allowed to deteriorate this way. My view, safety first! We need to protect our residents from harm. The fire systems are faulty and all of fire extinguisher have expired. I will endeavor to turn it around with the help of the city..

Fire station revamp phase 1 underway! Thanks to Sean Borril, Toni Mackrell, Kim Kotze, Thaba Eco Hotel, GANSRA and all the community members! (25-03-2017)

I LOVE Joburg South!!!!!!

A resident caught a builder throwing rubble into the storm water drain. This is MASSIVE NO NO!!!! (23-03-2017)

I made him remove ALL OF IT. Grass, rubbish,& rubble block the storm water ways and this ultimately results in flooding.

Please report people doing this to me so that we can address it. Photos would help a great deal

JMPD, my urban Inspector and local security firm D&D to talk about escalating crime in the ward. Commitments to assist with plans are being implemented (23-03-2017)

Spent the morning in ward 112 to help fellow Cllr Hicklin with the book donation by #Need2Read (21-03-2017)

These children are in a place of safety in Midrand. These kiddies were so very excited to get their books and have them personally signed by Sheldon Spear.

If you have good quality books you no longer need. Get hold of #Need2Read and give the gift of reading to a child. Happy Human Rights Day. ?

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Part of my duties are to help other wards when needed. Ward 73 is having a by election so today myself, my activists and other wards helped to campaign.

I even got to ride on a Harley, full of DA regalia. (18-03-2017)

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Electricity meters get some attention (17-03-2017)

“Once Aspen Hills meters have all been addressed, townhouse complexes throughout ward 23 will be next and then individual homes. It will take time, but, ultimately, it will be a job well done. Prepaid meters are a great way to go.”

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This is the new chamber that we will be using at the end of April. It has a 365 degree view of the city (17-03-2017)

Taking things seriously, Disaster Management Training. (17-03-2017)

We will be implementing this in our ward as we have a petrol, gas and water pipelines in the ward.

We will need people to help with this and have rolls and responsibilities to make this plan work. The safety of the residents is priority during a disaster.

Met with the principal of Mulbarton primary today. (16-03-2017)

Listened to issues like getting more bins, assisting with getting Pikitup , JMPD & Fire to come and chat to the kids. 

I just know I'll have lots of fun assisting with those! Do your children go to that school? Do you have any issues? Let me know.

Meeting today at the fire station with Sean Borrill to get the paint organized. We are ready to get the revamp underway! (16-03-2017)

Come help me on the 25th March. Let's give the fire station the lift it needs. (16-03-2017)

DWS officially lifts water restrictions in Gauteng (13-03-2017)

Community braai in Bassonia today.

What a wonderful day, I loved every minute of it!

Thank you for inviting me ??? (11-3-2017)

Illegal signage of which we have plenty in the ward.

Send your complaints through so that we can have a blitz in the ward to get them removed and the perpetrators fined! (11-03-2017)

Went to our fire station to do a audit of all medical kit they need for their sick bay/ emergency room. This is for the public should there be an accident or a very serious issue and you can't get to the hospital in time. (08-03-2017)

Netcare Mulbarton is stepping in again, helping us with a bed and some supplies to get them started. The station has been neglected for too long.

On that note, a big thank you to Paul da Silva of CelCius Refrigeration who repaired the fridge at the fire station for me. We are so grateful!

I now need someone to help get the pool table resurfaced. If you can help, call me.

These men & women put their lives on the line for us. Let's show them we care!

As promised, JRA are on Springbok road doing an audit. (08-03-2017)

I stopped to speak to them about the speed on Impala road and hopefully having a stop street will help.

If your around there, stop and say hello. Let's hope they find in our favor! I'll keep pushing for it.

Today was to Aspen with City Power officials to assist with meters and meter readings at the estate. (08-03-2017)

An audit will be conducted and the meters will be marked and recorded as done. This list will be kept with Lionel.

Faulty or by passed meters will be recorded for correction or replacement. If you live in the estate, you will be receiving communication shortly.

Let's get it sorted so that we don't need meter readers or auditors in the estate again. If you have a conventional meter consider the change.

Another busy day on the ground. First stop, South Downs Country Club. (08-03-2017)

I was asked to help with some trees that are dead & that need removing but decided to meet the management to hear their challenges as well. This is a city owned entity and its sad to see that they are battling & been forgotten for so long.

Took a drive around and heard the story about the broken fence & break ins at the club house at night. The fence is in dire need of replacing. I believe this could be a stunning course and we need the community to help us make it so. The grass cutting on the course, they currently spend R6000 per month. They actually need R10k to cover costs of diesel and petrol. Then they will be able to cut the pavement outside the course too.

I think we need to do a fund raiser golf day. What do you think??

Look who we ran into in Liefde doing patrols, our ward 23 officers. (07-03-2017)

It was so awesome to see them!

How cool is that car!? Branded WARD 23

Because of the drainage issue and the extensive rain, my urban Inspector and I did a trace of all the waterways and storm water drains. (07-03-2017)

It was concerning to see how many of the storm water runoffs were completely blocked with reeds, plastic and grass.

This will be a long term project that will require funding. I'll have to add it into the IDP for the ward. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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This morning myself and my urban inspector drove Liefde flat. We are preparing for the big clean up that's going to be planned. Liefde has been ignored for too long and the illegal dumping is out of control. (07-03-2017)

I'll will call a public meeting to address these issues with the community.

So nice to be presented with my certificate tonight from MMC Sun at our caucus. It was for the help I provided for the victims of the disaster last year. (06-03-2017)

Feeling very proud!

This morning I spent several hours with the VIP Billing team trying to resolve some billing issues. (02-03-2017)

I still have lots to get through. I hope to spend time with them again on Monday.

I get many of these emails. Those who have not been dealt with as yet, please send me another email so that it's at the top of pile. Remember I can only help if you have logged your complaint with the city, got a reference number and it's over 30 days.

Hopefully this way I can get as many cleared as I can.

I went and met people at the Klipriver Nature Reserve. This right at the back of the reserve and it's a protected area. (01-03-2017)

There are Iron Age ruins in the reserve as well. Watch this space, I'll post more on this jewel in the next few week.

Thank you to Julie Maul & Get It Magazine for the awesome article! (01-03-2017)

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