Dinner for our guys working to protect us tonight. (31-12-2017)

Big thanks to my hubby Andre for cooking, Fernando of Carlton Butchery for the meat and Shaun of Belem Glenanda for the rolls ???

We support our security, Saps and Fire Dept totally! #LoveWard23


Making food for Mondeor Saps, Kibler Firestation & our local security company D&D. (31-12-2017)

150 boerewors rolls, here we come.


Morning, the foreman informed me that he sent a plumber to check in Mulbarton if all the valves are fully open. (26-12-2017)

So it might either be valves or airlock that’s causing the issue in Mulbarton. Ferrox Drive was also repaired last night.

Please be aware that if there’s a airlock and you open your taps, your meter will give you an inflated reading. Keep your taps closed for the moment

Click Here to watch

Certain areas in Mulbarton are without water. (25-12-2017)

There’s skeleton staff today and they have been busy already with other jobs.

As soon as they can, it will be restored.

They were waiting for a TLB to fix the issue. It’s now on route. Sorry guys!

Please remember to stay hydrated!!! Just drink Cold drinks or wine till it’s fixed ?????

Merry Christmas from D&D (25-12-2017)

Watch Here

Merry Christmas from our Firefighters (25-12-2017)

Watch Here

Took the Christmas Cheer to our guys working today. (25-12-2017)

Dropped off rolls, boerewors and cold drinks for Kibler Park Firestation and D&D Tactical.

As we were just setting up at the Firestation, they got a call to attend a fire. Hopefully they will keep the food warm for when they get back.

Thanks to Belem in Glenanda for the rolls & Carlton butchery for the wors. #LoveWard23


Media Statement (15-12-2017)

The JMPD Recovery Unit received a complaint from a female motorist on Tuesday, 12 December 2017. The motorist alleged that her silver grey Polo was cloned and that she was receiving traffic fines and an e-toll bill which was not for her. As a result she could not renew her vehicle's license disc, she also discovered that the other vehicle was registered in Mpumalanga.

The JMPD Number Plate Investigation Unit was immediately assigned to start an investigation, and they discovered that the cloned car was in Hammanskraal and it was confirmed to be cloned at the Themba Police Station on Wednesday, 13 December. The car was confiscated but the owner wasn't arrested because he provided a transaction printout which he obtained from a dealership in Springs . The dealership will now be charged for the illegal registration of a vehicle, and the matter is being investigated further.

Issued by Joburg Public Safety Department


Great afternoon with my officials from JMPD, EMS, Firefighters, ward governance and my Urban Inspector Claire. (14-12-2017)

I really appreciate the work their do in our region, hence the get together to thank them for the work this year.

Thank you to Glenvista Green Grocers for the salads items, Carlton Butchery for the meat, Pick n Pay Panorama for the cold drinks. We are grateful to you ?

Keep this handy to report road issues in our region. We are Region F (13-12-2017)

A resident had issues with power, cable fault which was difficult to find. (13-12-2017)

I got City Power to do a temporary fix by giving them electricity by connecting them to the street light.

Needless to say ........ they were very happy to have electricity after a few days without it.

The cable was fixed eventually ?


This afternoon these 2 pitched up at my house saying they are from Pikitup looking for “Christmas” (09-12-2017)

I asked a few questions and it became very clear that they do not work for Pikitup at all. I had them arrested for fraud.

Pikitup employees are forbidden from soliciting “gifts” from residents. They can be dismissed.

Please DO NOT give anyone who says they were for the city entities money or goods as they get paid bonus from them.

If this happens to you, please call your CPF / SAPS to deal with them and lay charges. If your not in my ward, make sure your Cllr is informed so that they can alert their local Pikitup depot of the situation.


Did the launch of the Festive Season at Mall of the South and turned on The Christmas Tree lights. (08-12-2017)

Thanks to MOTS, SAPS, JMPD, Firefighters, GANSRA, Liefde & Vrede Community Forum for supporting the event. It was outstanding ??

Turning on the Christmas lights at MOTS ❤️?❤️❤️❤️?❤️❤️❤️

Click to Watch Here

Morning! I will be working on the wheelchairs that I have to hand over on Thursday. (December 04-12-2017)

I’ll be starting this today. They need to be cleaned and fixed up as some of them are in pieces.

Then I need to sort out the walkers & crutches.

Anyone who is not working and can help me with this project.

Please let me know?

Bring a bucket, cloth & handy Andy to clean the goodies with.

If you have some tools, bring them along to do the minor repairs

Venue: South storage

Address: 24 Gazelle Road, Rispark

Time: 10:30



More arrests in the revenue department. (03-12-2017)

Read More

Today I helped give 60 kids a awesome time at Gold Reef City. It’s days like these that make it all worth while. (03-12-2017)

Gregory Green , fellow Cllr brought the kids from Ennerdale to have a day of fun.

A very big thank you to Gold Reef City for the donation of tickets for the kids to enjoy the day at the theme park ??




This was the DA & EFF voting against the ANC in the motion of no confidence. I must say I love this picture! (02-12-2017)

ComicEx (02-12-2017)

Click to watch here

ComicEx is today! Tickets are R100 and 30% of the proceeds will be going to my place of safety for abused women. (02-12-2017)

Please come support this wonderful initiative ?

Great meeting this morning with Pikitup at the Impala dump. (01/12/2017)There are going to be changes there over the next few months with new and improved ease of use. I’ll be posting updates re the improvements as they happen.

City of Johannesburg Press Statement by MMC Cllr Funzela Ngobeni, Development Planning (01-12-2017)

City’s filing system improves service delivery

01 December 2017 Release: Immediate

Efforts by the City of Johannesburg’s Building Development Management Directorate to improve and update the current filing and archiving system is starting to bear fruit.

Before the launch of the new system, the City’s seven regions undertook the task of identifying all files within their offices and delivered them to Metro Centre in Braamfontein to ensure that documents are filed in one central place.

This follows an in-depth analysis of the internal data management system, which previously posed a risk of significant information loss due to the lack of regular back-up protocols.

Since the introduction of the new system, retrieval of files has improved drastically resulting in improved customer service. Regions are now required to submit applications at Metro Centre on a daily basis to ensure that the retrieval of documents is easier. This will further reduce the risk of losing more than the minimum should a catastrophic event occur.

The new and improved system of recording is done alphabetically per region, operated on a box and shelving combination. It houses building plans that are used by homeowners, buyers and property developers in the City of Joburg.

The storage vaults now house 175 000 files, which has resulted in a systematic, efficient and transparent filing system resulting in easier retrieval of documents.

Yolanda Jansen van Vuuren, Project Leader of the new filing system, says “the data backups stored in the departmental vaults also ensure that the data is in a secure location that is distinct from the source data”.

Although the applications have been concluded, they are retrieved on a daily basis as and when requested by members of the public who require copies of their building plans.

“Before the implementation of the current system, it was hard to locate files but things are much better now and we can only improve, to serve our residents much quicker and efficiently,” adds Jansen van Vuuren.

It is estimated that of the current 11 holding areas, only six will be populated once the referencing is concluded, which will in turn free up more space to accommodate about 315 000 new files.


Development Planning

For media queries, please contact:

Sekgabo Kedijang

Media Specialist Office of the MMC: Development Planning

Tel: 011 407 6024 Cell: 081 234 4642

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For those who are getting frustrated with the payment dates on your invoices, please email you preferred date. This will be much easier (01-12-2017)

COJ Billing information: If you don’t receive your CoJ Bill, you can fetch it electronically.

1. Register as a user on http://eservices.joburg.org.za

Keep your account number and PIN handy when using this service. Follow the link “water and lights invoices online” in order to VIEW and download your account PDF.

2. You can change your due date (to anywhere between 15 th and month end) on the eservices site.

Or you can email your preferred date to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., giving your account number and preferred date.

Not sure how to log issues, please use this. (01/12/2017)

Remember to get reference numbers. The onus is on you to log the call as Councillors are not affected by the problem.

If the entity needs additional information, they can call you directly for this reason.