News report on the officials that are responsible for fraud & issues in the billing department. (26-08-2017)

Beware........ we are coming for you!! 

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A very happy birthday to our awesome Mayor #HermanMashaba . Best wishes from all of us in Ward 23 (26-08-2017)

The GAP College is a non-profit organisation which offers a specialised teaching programme to learners who are differently-abled.


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17 warrants of arrest issued for city employees (25-08-2017)

In a high level meeting with JRA, contractors , joburg water. (18-08-2017)

Fines are going to be implemented for any services that are hit during the digging stages. Jhb water & city power will give out drawings now of the pipes and cables.

All way leaves will come to me first so that a steering committee can be established with myself, city power, Joburg water & Jra to mitigate the damage that we are experiencing right now.

This will be the standard now for all contractors from now on.

KNRA meeting tonight. (17-08-2017) 

Opening of the new JMPD satellite station in Kennelworth today. We are taking the issue of crime in the area head on! (16-8-2017)

1 year ago today residents went to vote in the municipal elections, and I was voted in as ward Councillor, (03-08-2017)

with over 80% of the votes. 

Thank you to to you all!!

It's been great fun so far ??

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Yesterday a few of us took time out to socialize a bit and put the DA branding out there. (02-08-2017)

Thanks Cllr's Hicklin, Knot & Marais for spending time with me ??

DA Blue Wave

Yesterday morning I took Standard Bank around to the Firestation's in the city with the hopes they will assist us with upgrading them. (02-08-2017)

I am happy to say that they have agreed to help us.

Thank you Standard Bank for seeing our dream to make the Firestation's a great place to work for our fire fighters & EMS officers ???

Park and Open Space Adoptions (02-08-2017)

Attached is a Standard Operating Procedure on Adoption of Parks. This SOP outlines the steps that needs to be taken if Residents want to Adopt A Park for Maintenance or Upgrading a Park, e.g. add fencing, park furniture, or play equipment.

After having received the residents proposals and agreeing to the Adoption or upgrading of the park, a Memorandum of Understanding will be signed.

Bohlale is the Manager responsible, all questions can be directed to her on the details below.

Ms. Bohlale Mohlathe

Manager: Corporate Funding, Sponsorships & Grants

New Business Development

Tel: 011 646 2000 ext.225|0834252744|Fax: 0862060613


1. The Manager Corporate Funding, Sponsorships and Grants receives communication from members of the public or private sector indicating an interest to adopt a park or open space;

2. Forward application to Regional Manager; SHEQ, OSIM, Stakeholder and Liaison departments to check the feasibility of the offer/s and provide comments.

3. Establish and confirm site ownership and zoning;

4. Liaise with offerors to establish an understanding of expectations (activities and elements of adoption);

5. Assess and determine project security and sustainability;

6. Institute further assessments of project or adoption elements and feasibility;

7. Undertake site visits (CFSG and/or Regional Team);

8. Establish community consultation and engagements in conjunction with the Stakeholder & Liaison department. (This can also be done by the community through ward councillor) ;

9. Receive letter of support from Ward Councillor;

10. Evaluate environmental compliance and alignment of project offer with by-laws and regulations;

11. Provide feedback and written communication indicating approval or disapproval to applicants; and

12. Monitor project development through continuous communication and CRM with affected stakeholders.

Woman's month! (01-08-2017)

The halfway house for Abused Women is moving fast. Thank you to my awesome friend Michelle Keating for donating a new bed to the home. Mi beds are in Glenvista.

Our supporters are from all walks of life, big & small. We will be working on the house this weekend getting it prepped. I need someone with a truck to assist with removing rubbish and some desks to the Firestation.

We need curtains for the windows, crockery, cutlery, pots, patio furniture and more. Contact me ?