Meeting our future leaders. These are part of the DA Youth Team. (28-04-2017)

We want to start a project of job shadowing to give these youngsters experience.

If you own your own business please consider helping us.

Email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Met one of my biggest supporters Russell Gerlag today. Russell you made my day!! ? (22-04-2017)

Council sitting today. Let's hope it's not a long day ? (21-04-2017)

Project Liefde & Vrede planning session. (19-04-2017)

One the map where the green highlighted areas are, those are road resurfacing which will start this year. Those roads were not laid correctly so there is a lot of work to fix them

Stand clean ups & grass cutting. The purchase orders have been submitted and we are waiting for them to be released.

We will have a public meeting once we start this to engage with the residents about keeping the areas keen & how to report transgressors.

More to follow

My first meet & greet today was a big success. I met around 30 people in total. (18-04-2017)

I'll certainly be doing this again. Thanks Tracey of Cafe La Plume for hosting us today.

Article on Need2Read, ward 23 and ward 112 giving the gift of books to an orphanage in Midrand (14-04-2017)

Read More

Today's #CleanupLenasia campaign was a great success. (12-04-2017)

Thank you to all the men and women that give their time to passionately serve the residents of Lenasia and Johannesburg daily. #MashabaInAction

This time it's personal...... I could not be any more proud of our Mayor than I am today! He helped clean up my old hometown, Lenasia, yesterday

Thank you Herman! #MashabaInAction

IDP session starting for the budget for the ward. (11-04-2017)

I'll be posting the presentation for those residents who didn't make tonight's session, you'll be able to submit via email your contribution.


Early morning meeting at the Metro Centre this morning organized by our regional MMC Ngobeni. (10-04-2017)

I got to interact with all the city owned entities with my Urban inspector. We sent them a detailed list of all the issues that affect the ward.

The spot light was on and we asked difficult questions and got them to agree to time lines to fix problem areas.

I'll have a follow up meeting with some of them in 2 weeks to see how its progressing.

The city is getting more hands on now. We need to hold entities accountable to all our residents.

You all probably know by now that we have an Anti-Zuma march in Pretoria on Wednesday, the 12th of April, and our Constituency has been allocated one bus for transport to the event. (10-04-2017)

The pick up point for the bus will be Rand Stadium, Reynolds Str Springfield Johannesburg. We will start filling the bus at 6:00 and depart around 8:00 for the event. We will be organising a Car Guard to watch our cars at Rand Stadium.

If you require transport to Rand Stadium, please note that we will be mobilising taxis to assist in this regard. Please contact me if you'd want to make use of this.

Ready to protest! (07-04-2017)

Protest in full swing. 

Lots of residents from ward 23!!!

I love you guys!!!! 

Zuma must fall


Watch Video Here

Watch Video Here

Watch Video Here

Watch Video Here

Playing in a charity golf day for the lions today. It's going to be lots of fun @ Reading Golf Club (06-04-2017)

This is the route for Friday. Not far to walk at all . Let's do it!!!! (05-04-2017)

Campaigning in ward 73 today. Thank you Weekend Market for the use of the bus. (05-04-2017)

The Mayor says "Look it's my bus, feels like home!!"

Thanks Paulo Daniel Reis Calisto for the use of the bus.

Ward 73 By Election. Helping out with all the Councillors in Jhb (05-04-2017)

As for the march. We congregate at 9:00 at Westgate Taxi Rank. Programme starts at 10:00.

Private vehicle parking will be available. There is also a BRT station right next to the venue.

Map to the start.

Let's do this!!! If you live in ward 23 we will be going by bus. Pick up point is Glenvista Shopping Centre and Comaro View Shopping Centre. Pick up starts @ 7am at Glenvista shopping Centre.

7:30 at Comaro View Shopping Centre. Please don't be LATE!

A BIG THANK YOU TO WEEKEND MARKET FOR SPONSORING THE BUS ! Bring comfortable shoes & water with you. ?????

Watching Chief & Sundowns face off tonight at FNB stadium with MMC Sun & MMC Sifumba (01-04-2017)

Took some time to talk to Jerry from Soweto Animal Rescue today. (01-04-2017)

He told me about the dog fighting syndicates operating in the South and needs our help.

He desperately needs a portable printer for when he takes offenders to SapS for animal abuse. If your able to help us help him. Give me a shout.