Media Statement. (30-01-2018)

Two female JMPD officers died when they were bumped by a drunken driver at a road side check on Monday 29 January.

The accident occurred at about 9pm on Witkoppen Road past Montecasino, where the driver of a Toyota Hi-Lux doubled cab drove into a group of officers, as well as into a BMW, Hyundai, and a Porche which were stopped by the officers . Two passengers and the driver of the Hyundai were seriously injured, the drivers of the BMW and Porche were slightly injured as well as two other female officers who were slightly injured. The driver of the Toyota Hi-Lux was arrested , taken for a blood sample and detained at Sandton Police Station. The Chief of Police David Tembe said " I don't know what to say anymore when we have to loose our own while serving the community , and while we are trying so hard to stop drunken driving and to reduce fatalities . But we will continue to perform our duty and to serve our community". Issued by Wayne Minnaar and Edna Mamonyane for Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department.

*For the urgent attention of all residents of *Glenanda South*

An application has been submitted for a residential township in the Glenanda and Glenvista area, Johannesburg. The property is located to the east of Klip River Drive, also bordering Klip River Drive. Access is gained to the site from Van Beek Avenue. The Klip River Drive and Van Beek Avenue intersection is located 100 m to the west of the northern boundary. Bordering the site on the north-western corner is a Virgin Active fitness centre. To the west, on the other side of Klip River Drive, is the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve. The proposed residential development is planned with a density of 90-95 units per hectare, on Portion 86 of the Farm Rietvlei 101 IR. The development will also entail an educational facility near the access to the site.

Community participation is of the utmost importance for each and every home owner.

Your comments should be sent directly to Bokamoso, attention: Mary-Lee van Zyl or Juanita de Beer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax: 086 570 5659).

*The cut-off date for objections, is 16 February 2018.*

A copy of the report will be available at: Glenanda Library, corner Vorster Avenue and Surmon Avenue, Glenanda, tel: 011 682 1614.

Alternatively download from:…/projects/category/206-glen-vista

First caucus for the year! Let’s do this!!! (29-01-2018)

Spending the day in council today. Starting at 7:30 for Caucus Management Team, (29-01-2018) then meetings throughout the day and Caucus tonight ?

Playing golf with my hubby today. South Downs is a city owned course and I’m putting as effort as I can into assisting this course. (28-01-2018)

Come play here, the facility is looking really good!

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It’s a brilliant morning, the pesky trees that are growing into the road on Belairs are being cut out! Yay!!! (28-01-2018)

I’ll check on them later to see if they are cutting Comaro as well. Thanks City Parks for listening to my constant moaning about this. No more cars being scratched!


Today is National Police Day, let us salute all our Police Officers, Law Enforcement Agencies, the ordinary but the good men and women that sacrifice themselves to keep us safe. (27-01-2018)

Thank you and be safe ?

DA Electral College Training at Harvest Christian Fellowship. Thanks for assisting us❤️❤️ (27-01-2018)

So with the demand to help the Cape, we have now linked with Water for Paws. (27-01-2018)

A very long conversation with Fiona last night we have agreed that ward 23 will help with water for animals and rescue centers.

She asked that if we have any generous residents, could they consider getting a Jojo tank. These will go to the most destitute of Animal NGO’s & farms. They will fill the tanks with borehole water. Some farms have already started slaughtering animals because of the water shortage.

I’ll be setting up a drop off zone for animal water once I have spoken to the guys who own the warehouse. That will be on Monday. Watch this space!

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A big thank you to all the residents who have donated so far. We are already at 1000 bottles. (26-01-2018)

I purchased 30 x 5lts myself for the drive.

Come down and support this cause. We are working with Gift Of The Givers who will be transporting the water to Cape Town.

We also have Time Trucking on board to help with transporting water from ward 23 to Cape Town. Watch this space for more info.

Perfect Water in Glenvista is our water point for Cape Town Water Relief. Gift of the Givers has given the following requirements for water collection (25-01-2018)

☝?No plain bottled water from your home will he permitted as there is a possibility of contamination

☝?Water must be in a sealed bottle and clearly marked.

Perfect water is selling 5lt water for R15 a bottle for this project. You must let them know it’s for Cape Town, they will take your payment and your details put on the list.

Once they have 200 bottles, they will take them on our behalf to the Distriburion centre in Bramley.

Thank you to Perfect Water, GANSRA, Gift of the Givers & Cllr Wissler for putting this together.

Perfect Water, Glenvista Shopping Centre. Biggersberg Rd, Glenvista. #WaterIsLife#Day-Zero


Hazardous medical waste is building up to dangerous levels in Gauteng state hospitals because a supplier has not been paid.

I am aware of a number of hospitals where medical waste has not been collected since December last year.

These include Kalafong, George Mukhari, Leratong and Yusuf Dadoo hospitals and others affected by the stoppage of service by Compass Medical Waste.

This is in contravention of Gauteng provincial regulations that medical waste may not be stored onsite at hospitals for longer than 30 days, with the exception of sharps (needles and scalpels) and expired medicines which can be stored for 90 days.

It is yet another example of the Gauteng Health Department’s budget crisis that is worsening patient care because unpaid suppliers are stopping deliveries and services.

The lack of budget has also led to community service nurses not being placed and the first year nursing course for 700 students has been delayed until the new financial year in April.

The Department needs an astounding R5 billion to pay off all its debts and keep essential health services going.

The health intervention team announced last year by Premier David Makhura needs to produce quick results as the situation is deteriorating rapidly in many areas.

Statement by Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow Health MEC

Very good article for on the water crisis in the Cape. (25-01-2018)

Biggest issue is that people there didn’t conserve water as requested when the crises was announced & National Government who is responsible for water didn’t listen to local Government that this reality was looming.

Let this be a lesson to all of us. We need to conserve & recycle water. It’s a precious resource we simply cannot live without.

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This is where your rates go (24-01-2018)

Make a note of the registration dates. (24-01-2018)

Ward 23 stations are:

Bassonia Tent - Peter Akroyd st

Glenanda Primary School

Glenvista High School

Comaro Valley Nursery School

Liefde - Marionite Church

Kibler Park Firestation

I have a pinned post at the top of my page. Please don’t forget to fill it in and we will keep you updated & check your registered correctly??

This is quite a handy link to see if you are correctly registered

North cliff times did an article on my Petitions speech to council ?(24-01-2018)

Please take note of the work on the M1 as it could affect your travel time. (24-01-2018)

Residents are urged to continue to report all burst pipes, leaking water meters, open hydrants and to: (23-01-2018)

011 375 5555/ 011 688 1699 SMS 082 653 2143 or

Please check your billing due date and adjust it via Solves 90% of the pre-termination problems (23-01-2018)

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Spent a good part of today at Joburg Property Company. In a multi departmental session with MMC Knott (23-01-2018)

And you want to know why we have to battle to fix things? This is where it went. ???????? (23-01-2018)

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I came across this tweet this morning from Emma Sadleir. She is a social media law specialist. I have read it and think it’s a marvelous idea. I’ll be implementing this with my daughter. (23-01-2018)

#SaveOurKids #KeepOurKidsSafe

If your teen has a smartphone, or you’re thinking about getting them one, consider signing a contract. We’ve published a free, downloadable ‘Smartphone Contract for Teenagers’ on our blog

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Our new Police Chief is enforcing by laws and cleaning up our city. (23-01-2018)

15 Minibus Taxis without licence disc, no operators card, drivers without Prdp were impounded#OperationNomakanjani



If ever the country needed two mascots, that they could be proud of and could lead as an example, (on so many levels) the train tragedy in Kroonstad found them. (21-01-2018)

Well done lads! The future of our beautiful country ?



There will be a registration weekend for the 2019 National government elections on the weekend of the 10th and 11th March 2018.

This is an excellent opportunity to register

* if you have moved since the last elections

* if you have an ID and you will be 18 or older in May 2019

* if you have never registered or voted before

* to make sure your address is on the voters role. YOU WILL NEED AN ID CARD OR BOOK TO REGISTER.

You can register at the voting stations in your ward. Visit if you need more detail

Registration points for ward 23 will be

Glenanda Primary School

Glenvista High School

Marionite Church

Bassonia Tent @ Peter Akroyd park

Comaro valley nursery school

Kibler park Fire station

Many thanks Cllr Wissler

Article in the Randburg Sun on my quarterly report speech on Petitions Section 79 (13-01-2018)

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Article on myself in the Live Happy Magazine, on stands all around the south at Shopping Centres. (12-01-2018)

Thanks to Liz and Colin for the awesome article. It was great chatting to you?

Great start to the year, first up...... (12-01-2018)

Myself, my awesome PA Yvonne van Dijk, Kagiso and Paul of Joburg Water met to discuss processes, outstanding repairs, meter reading issues etc.

We have formulated a plan, we will start this next week and see how we go. Let’s try make 2018 less stressful for all of us!


The last 12 months have been really tough. (07-01-2018)

Here’s a snap shot of all the things we have managed to achieve.

Morning awesome residents! (07-01-2018)

There is a trip from Mulbarton sub.

Teams are on site to restore 

Power outage in Aspen, Mayfield Park and surrounding. (06-01-2018)

It’s been escalated to city power. Please be patient, it will be back on soon Update: teams are currently on site trying to restore the trip and the substation.

Will update again when I know more

#Heatwave! How you staying “chilled” today? (06-01-2018)

Remember to make sure your pets have shade & lots of water!


Please follow the process to report service delivery issues. (05-01-2018)

Please remember it’s not the Cllr’s job to report issues as it doesn’t affect us you need to be an active citizen of the ward.

We only get involved as a last result & even then we cannot demand but rather ask and plead to get it sorted. Always get a reference number!

Yesterday we decided to go somewhere new for an evening out. (05-01-2018)

There’s a new spot at Thaba called the EBar.

It’s nestled in the trees, a stunning setting with a very chilled vibe.

To top it all, it’s in the ward! I really recommend this stunning place. Pop in for sundowners and take in the tranquility.

A big thank you to Charmaine & Pierre of Anubiz Security for gifting my safe house repairs to the electric fence. (04-01-2018)

These awesome people are from my ward, Glenvista Please support local! Call them for all your security and cameras.

Thank you Charmaine, you ROCK!!!