Memorial service for our hero Lucky Masemola today to say our farewell RIP my friend (28-02-2018)

To ensure the accuracy & credibility of the voters’ roll, @IECSouthAfrica needs to know where you live. On 10-11 March, 8-5, (26-02-2018)

you can check, provide or update your address at your correct voting station. or 0800118000 for info. #AddresstheVotersRoll

Position available with the city. (26-02-2018)

Another lot of looking! (26-02-2018)

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Registration weekend is on the 10th & 11th March. (26-02-2018)

This one is important as you need to make sure your address is correct on the IEC system.

We are still looking for help on the day and training is arranged for 3 March in the ward. Just a few hours is all that’s needed. ??

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Article by the Comaro Chronicle on the public meeting regarding the proposed Glenanda development (24-02-2018)

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This is Bo, he is our wildlife specialist in the ward. Bo built me a owl box and installed it. Thanks a mill! I love it! ????? (24-02-2018)

This box is for the spotted eagle owl that is in the area. Hopefully by August when it’s breeding time, we will have a pair residing in the new home.

If you would like a owl box or bat box (next on my list) contact him on 079 505 6419

#Protectourwildlife #Loveward23

Motorcade in ward 14 this morning! Making Soweto blue! (24-02-2018)


MMC Sun - (22-02-2018)

6 robbery suspects were tracked down & arrested by 3 JMPD officers & Netstar tracking unit at a flat on Jeppe St within hours after they robbed a shop in Jhb CBD ±14:30 today.

Illegal firearms, ammo & cell phones were recovered. Great job JMPD & Netstar #wedeliver #BuyaMthetho


I have now been added to the public safety section 79. This is good news! (22-02-2018)

Public meeting on proposed development in Glenanda (21-02-2018)




I am totally devastated at the loss of a very dear friend and member of our community who was killed this morning. (21-02-2018)

Lucky, I will miss you very much my friend! Condolences to Andrew and the team at D&D, his wife and children.

Lucky’s Fund ABSA acc. No.9227764115 ref Lucky

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First new fire engines delivered to the city (21-02-2018)

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Meeting with the Exco of South Downs golf course, tonight to talk about issues and on how best I can assist as it’s a city owned course. (20-02-2018)

GOLF DAY perhaps ? ?


Today I met with our new Deputy Director for region F2, which we fall under. DD Mike Smith of JMPD. (20-02-2018)

He has taken over our regional JMPD officers and we are going to start working on issues in the ward, together.

I am super excited about this! #LoveWard23

Property Valuation roll is now open and you can object on line. (20-02-2018)

Property Valuations Updates and Advice

Note that there is currently high usage on the valuations site - - at the moment so it may bomb out from time to time. The user registration is not working yet.

I attended the meeting last night at Marks Park land wrote the following notes on how to object etc.

- You need to register for online objections.

- Searches can be done without registering.

- Objections can be online or via walk in centre. The form can be printed out and submissions done by hand, but they would rather have online submissions.

- You can use an online computer mass appraisal system to help your objection. Examples include Lightstone and PropIQ. (20-02-2018)

- There is space to write a motivation - you can include things like erf size/shape, defects, anything that you think reduces your value.

- Take pics of defects etc to support and upload.

- Estate agents valuation is only an opinion, but will be considered

- they must date their valuation estimate for 1 July 2017

- Will have to consider all objections 1st, then send out all decisions in one go.

Then have 30 days to appeal where it goes to appeal board where you will have your day in court. Thus cannot give date by when they will be done by. The more they get, the longer it takes.

- Each sectional title unit must do their own objection form

- Neighbours have rights to object to another property. Esp if illegal use - they will value it at the higher

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I've saved the General Valuation handbook to Google Drive. (19-02-2018)

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Adjustment budget caucus. (19-02-2018)

Last night we had this beautiful fella in our garden. It’s a large spotted genet. (19-02-2018)

After chatting out our local environmentalist Bo, he mentioned that they are rarely seen in residential areas.

Urbanization is causing wildlife to find food in residential areas now. I will certainly be be watching this fella closely & will be protective of him too.

From Jhb Zoo- HAVE you seen small spotted common genets on your property lately? If you have, please do not harass or chase them away as there are not considered a threat. "Small spotted genets are often encouraged onto properties because they aid in keeping vermin populations in check, especially in areas where crops can be negatively affected by pests," said Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo representative, Jenny Moodley.

Residents are also encouraged not to feed, shoot, poison, trap, or injure the animals. The small spotted genet is one of the growing numbers of wild creatures looking for somewhere to live as urbanisation destroys their habitat. Moodley added that the creatures were not endangered, as they are listed under ‘least concern' on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's (ICUN) Red List.

The creatures are found across southern Africa, especially in the drier areas.

The small spotted genet's distinguishing feature is a white-tipped tail, as opposed to the large spotted genet's black-tipped tail. A crest of long black erect hairs runs along the genet's spine, and it sports distinct white patches below its eyes; these are less prominent around the mouth and on the forehead.

The creatures are most active at night, when they hunt for small creatures such as mice, rats, birds, lizards, bats, scorpions and insects. Sometimes they eat poultry and game birds, but nevertheless remain harmless. During the day, the creatures hide in sheltered crevices, hollow logs, and old burrows, or in thick shaded vegetation. If you have genets on your property please leave them alone or contact FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre on (011) 807-6993 or (083) 558-5658 to have them relocated.

A table at the ISP Day - Glenvista Golf Course (17-02-2018)

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This is Freddie & his team from Designer Pallets. They make furniture, beds, headboards etc, best thing is that they are in my ward!!! (16-02-2018)

They have kindly offered to fix the flooring at my safe house and to build me some garden furniture & terraces for the veggie & flowers in the garden.

They will do a lot of the woodwork there. What we need are pallets.

Please email me if you give or know someone who can give to us. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Process for today to swear in CR (15-02-2018)

The function of a Ward Councillor is primarily to link resident with the City & to conduct oversight of City delivery. (14-02-2018)

The resolution of issues does not rest with the Councillor but the City Administration. Councillors will champion resolution as much as possible.

Community, Cllrs and law enforcement working hand in hand. (13-02-2018)

Cllr Crichton alerted this on our Regional Councillors Group with officials, after his community tipped him off.

A few min later our new Regional JMPD Commander responded and caught them red handed. Team work! Working hand in hand

City Of Johannesburg Council (12-02-2018)

Been here since 7am. Still at it ? No I’m not bored ..... I’m Listening intensely ?

It is always traumatic to lose a relative or close friend. (11-02-2018)

To add to the emotional burden reporting and winding up obligations in regard to the deceased estate are imposed by the Administration of Estates Act.

This information provided by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development will assist you if you are dealing with this sad event.

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Stop n search at Louis Botha n Acorn,houghton.

27 vehicles stopped-21 people searched-14 citations issued and 1 arrest- driving with fraudulent documents

Clean up was conducted at cnr 9th ave and Bird st in Mayfair and 4 cars were impounded.


Sewer in our ward is taking strain. (10-02-2018)

We have residents flushing Nappies Sanitary pads Wet wipes Hair braids To name a few down the toilet ??

Please stop this practice and put it in the bin. When the sewer blocks up it affects many residents.

Today in Glenanda we have many homes affected and Joburg water is trying to clear the pipeline.

Some of these items popped up in their gardens, to their horror.

Think of the damage you cause and your neighbours before flushing in future ..... PLEASE!


Our hike through the veld behind Virgin active we discovered many graves,

a big recycling camp and tons of dumping. We were assisted by one of the “residents” of the camp who identified all the graves in the area.

Over the next week, Yolanda Robertson will be documenting all the grave sites in the open space.

Thanks to Yolanda, Mike, Lohann van Wyk & Jeanette Pallister for going on the hike, we all learned a lot today.

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It’s the month of love ?? (09-02-2018)

If your looking for somewhere to go and to spoil the one you cherish, go local!

See what Belem is up to❤️ Let me know if there’s a proposal & how you did it.

Take note of road closures on the M2 tomorrow. Take alternative routes (09-02-2018)

Post boxes in our ward and within the province are not managed by the municipality but rather by Provincial Government. (08-02-2018)

So if you have any near you that’s in a state and needs cleaning up, please send your complaints and pictures to

Siphiwe Nenjelele

Liaison Officer

Service Provision Witwatersrand Region


Email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. #LoveWard23

Would you like to see what we do in Council? (08-02-2018)

This is where the real changes are made that affect all of us in the city.

Book your seat, let me know and I’ll try show you around during the break.

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Girls night out at Nu Metro with Dynamic Event Dynamic-Event Planners & Planet Fitness , both from ward 23. (07-02-2018)


Today was very special. These are kids with special needs. Autism, mental disability and severe learning problems. (07-02-2018)

They were treated to talk on fire, what to do and who to call, however they seem more interested in the firefighters and the fire engine.

I have NEVER seen kids so excited about meeting their hero’s and getting to ride on the fire truck.

One little boy said “it’s real! I only have a small fire truck that I play with” It’s things like this I just love doing!

If your school would be interested in having fire, JMPD & SAPS come chat to your children , drop me an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will put it into action! ❤️

❤️ I will also bring Pikitup & Enviromental health to the school to talk to the kids about not littering & recycling. #LoveWard23




Our awesome JMPD Chief has not only a twitter feed but now a Facebook page. (07-02-2018)

Watch what he’s up to and you can get to ask questions.

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Having a time out with my lovely daughter, Katya. Dinner at Foo Wah. (06-02-2018)

This restaurant has been here for as long as I can remember and the food is still excellent ❤️

Thanks Eric for looking after us — at Foo Wah.

Who’s in the team for Ward 23, knowing our officials ? (06-02-2018)

This is Fahaadh Hassani, he is our Enviromental Health inspector.

Any health violations for our ward this awesome young man is the right person to help ?

You can email him on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. #LoveWard23

Volunteer to Help on Voter Registration Weekend - 10/11 March  (06-02-2018)

The IEC has announced that there will be a voter registration weekend on 10/11 March in order for them to collect correct addresses of voters as well as to allow voters to register and re-register.

This means that the 7 voting stations in the ward will be open on both Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5pm and I will need some helpers on both days. I have split the day into 2 shifts: 7'45am to 12'45pm and 12'15 to 5pm - basically 2 4 1/2 hour shifts. It will not be onerous and your prime tasks will be to ensure that everything runs smoothly and welcoming people who turn up. If you can do a full shift, that will great, but if you can only do a few hours, that will also be good. The voting stations are (note that you can help at any of them, not just where you are registered).

Please drop me a email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can help.

Voting stations are;

Glenanda Primary School

Bassonia Tent on Peter Ackroyd

Comaro Vally Nursery School behind Renaisance retirement village

Glenvista High School

Marionite Church in Liefde

Kibler Park Firestation

Re-register Online

When you register with the new IEC address and fill out your address, it will automatically re-register you at the correct voting station.

This will save you from having to do it at a voting station of voter registration weekends.

Note that I am also able to offer a service for you by advising whether you need to re-register, advice on where you nearest voting station station is and other info.

I helped over 1000 residents from all over Joburg in the run up to the 2016 elections.

Click here allow me check your current registration status and location

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Under the leadership of our new Chief of Police, Mr David Tembe, (06-02-2018)

supported by senior officials from the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) and by those from across all our departments,

the City will launch with Operation Buya Mthetho.


Anti Corruption Hotline for issues such as Officers asking for coldrink, (05-02-2018)

or any other favour that compromises this office. JMPD and the City of Joburg must be reported to ☎0800 203 712. It is a 24/7 hotline number

Rezoning application for the Visage centre in Bassonia from residential to special for medical consulting rooms. 2 Patrys Ave, Bassonia Ext 1 (04-02-2018)

Contact Mr B Pretorius tel 011 407 6152


Safia Mahomed tel 011 407 6153

For more information or to send through objections




5 years ago I was the victim of a horrible home invasion by a gang of 5 armed men. (04-02-2018)

3 came into the house & 2 were in a car outside.

They took nearly everything out of the house including my car. What they didn't take they broke.

Tied me up and threatened my life with a firearm to my head. My husband tracked my iPad, with the help of Cartrack, flying squad & D&D, we got most of the stuff back including my car.

This incident changed my life. This is what led me to start the Glenvista & New South Residents Ass and ultimately to become a Cllr for the COJ. #LoveWard23




Please take note! The valuation roll (03-02-2018)

Let's all "Look & Log" (03-02-2018)

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Rosettenville siterep: Crowd less than 100 but JMPD regional officers and Moffatview SAPS have Scene under control. (03-02-2018)

SAPS POPS and JMPD C Control has arrived under the Command of Capt Ntumbana. Rosettenville Shopping Complex is not operational.

S Africans accusing Non S.A. citizens stealing their jobs.


Need to renew your licence? You can be helped at these centers (03-02-2018)

Further update on the computer scam & theft of city owned property by a company in the South. (03-02-2018)

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Article on our water project for Cape Town (02-02-2018)

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Ward 23 helping victims of a fire in Cllr Shaw’s ward, ward 41 (02-02-2018)




DA Provincial Council today. (02-02-2018)

Ward Committee meeting. (01-02-2018)

Anthea Sam - Health

Vinogah Tshabala - Housing

Jeanette Pallister - Development Planning

Debi Tregurtha - Economic Development

Maurice Rahme - Public Safety


Today we launched our collection point in Jhb South. (01-02-2018)

Thank you to Panorama Flea Market for coming on board, Raj Naidoo of Water King, Gift of the Givers and Water for Paws.

You can drop off water for human consumption, it must be in sealed container and for animal consumption, tap water and the bottle doesn’t need to be sealed.

Water will be for sale this weekend at the market as well. Our other partner is Perfect Water at the Glenvista shopping centre.

If you as a sensible and legit business owner, do you not ask where these copper cables and railway tracks come from before buying these goods? (01-02-2018)

Acting on a tip-off, JMPD recovers suspected stolen electric cables and railway tracks from a scrap yard in Crownwood Rd in Crown Mine.

The stolen cables could have left hundreds of residents without power for days or even worse, a fatal accident because of the missing railway tracks. MMC Sun Public Safety