New centre for unemployed, opportunity centre in Marshall Street (26-04-2018)

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Second by election results in - ward 72, DA won the seat, congrats Cllr Greenberg (25-04-2018)


DA – 91.69% - 4513 VOTES (2016 – 82.67%)

ANC – 6.95% - 342 VOTES (2016 – 12.05%)

EFF – 1.36% - 67 VOTES (2016 – 3.27%)

% Poll – 32.41%

First by election result in - ward 88, DA won the seat. Congrats Cllr David Hensman! (25-04-2018)


DA – 79.66% - 3083 VOTES (2016 - 81.97%)

ANC – 7.34% - 284 VOTES (2016 - 11.74%)

EFF – 0.96% - 37 VOTES (2016 - 2.95%)

INDEP – 12.04% - 466 VOTES

% Poll – 25.21%

Now to read this before tomorrow mornings meeting ? (25-04-2018)

Feeding the Cllrs & activists today in the ward 92 by election. I did over 300kms and it was well worth it! (25-04-2018)

Count starts at 9pm and I’ll post the results when it’s done. Let’s do the ????


A big thank you to Dean for helping me yet again and cutting grass on Belairs. (24-04-2018)


*Setting the record straight for JRA and the Coalition* (24-04-2018)

— Executive Mayor, Councillor Herman Mashaba

Following the airing of Carte Blanche on Sunday evening, a number of matters need to be set straight....

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BREAKING NEWS: (23-04-2018)

Calls for proposals for grant in aid support. Community Development Department invites interested organizations to submit proposals that will enhance Service Delivery Business Implementation Plans. A compulsory briefing will be held on 30th April see detail below.

There’s a misconception as to what your Ward Councillors responsibility is. (23-04-2018)

We don’t fix potholes and streetlights. Take a read as to what we can do and where we can step in.

What is the role of the Ward Councillor Deputy Chief Whip @GrahamdeKock explains.

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Residents meeting in Hantamberg street about the proposed development (23-04-2018)

(The one on Hantamberg street Cnr Belairs)


It is nearly time for State of City Address (SOCA) on the 2nd of May 2018. (22-04-2018)

Please catch us live on Joburg Today TV for an update on the state of affairs at the City of Johannesburg through a speech delivered by the Executive Mayor, Cllr Herman Mashaba. Have a blessed Sunday.

Early start for some.....GOLF! — at South Downs Country Club. (22-04-2018)

To the resident who set off fireworks tonight for no reason & outside the boundary of the law, if we catch you, you WILL FACE THE FULL MIGHT OF THE LAW! (21-04-2018)

Residents, I’m your tip off line. Send me the info with proof, pictures and address so we can act.

From MMC Sun of a public Safety (21-04-2018)

This is the waste management company that claims it is “Protecting The Environment for those who are too young to do it”.

Well, we caught them red handed dumping illegally in Kaalfontein today. And we on behalf of the young ones, made them reload the rubbish & take it back !


Motorcade in Meriteng informal settlement. DA canvassing for the by election in Ward 92 Midrand (21-04-2018)

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Wanna be part of the winning team? We are in ward 92 Midrand tomorrow. (20-04-2018)

Come join The cavalcade. Contact me to come join us. We have Mmusi & our Rock Star Mayor Cllr Herman Mashaba there too.

A MASSIVE thank you to Paulo Calisto & his Weekend Market near Southgate for the institution.......... our BLUE BUS?


Need I say anything more. Have a super Friday all (20-04-2018)

#BuyaMthetho (20-04-2018)

Yesterday Our @JMPDSafety Operations Unit impounded a total of 83 taxis during the public transport operation. Operation #BuyaMthetho is focused at getting drivers to obey the rules of road . Compliance is not optional

Section 79 Public Safety Oversight visit. (20-04-2018)

We went to the jmpd call centre and the impounding centre in Dube

Great job by SAPS in getting these criminals out our ward. (20-04-2018)

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Our @JMPDSafety Operations Units?‍have so far impounded 56 unlicenced & unroadworthy Taxis. (19-04-2018)

The @CityofJoburgZA commuters deserve to travel on vehicles that are safe, roadworthy & not overloaded.

The operation is ongoing #BuyaMthetho #SaferCity

Lease / Sale procedure for residents wanting to apply for land lease or purchase of city owned land. (19-4-2018)


Midvaal DARun municipality at its best! (18-04-2018)

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Wildlife in our ward. This little one is way too cute!!! (18-04-2018)

The phenomenon of communities not relying solely on Government to clean up trash is happening all over. Littering and dumping is s big problem in our ward. (18-04-2018)

It’s our responsibility to educate our families that it’s wrong and we need to take ownership and get involved. Join us on Saturday for A Re Sebetseng !

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The Building Development Management Directorate within the Department of Development Planning (17-04-2018)

has suspended the Building Control Officer, pending further investigations into various allegations of misconduct.


2 areas cleaned up Comaro and Walshingham, thanks city park (17-04-2018)


SOJO business breakfast with MMC Knott this morning. (13-04-2018)

From MMC Sun- (13-04-2018)

I know and understand the land issue is important and deeply sensitive to our nation. But what is more important, land or your own child's life ?

A father throws his own baby daughter from the roof of his illegal shack at the Joe Slovo informal settlement in PE as he fights to keep it from been removed.

The baby was caught just in time by the police as she fell.


Business breakfast with Sojo and MMC Leah Knott of Economic Development (13-04-2018)

After a long hard week of very early mornings and very very late nights, (12-04-2018)

I’m home before my kids are in bed for a change. I think it’s time to put my feet up and order them around a bit. Do you think they will get the message? ????

Attending the memorial of our fallen hero Inspector Ayanda Zulu who was brutally murdered for her firearm. (12-04-2018)

May she RIP ?

Myself and our wonderful Chief Of Police David Tembe ??? (11-04-2018)

This burst happened yesterday and Jwater have been working on containing and fixing this, it’s a massive job! (11-04-2018)

So any issues in ward 23, they will be sorted but this taking priority


Thank you for this awesome post Michael - Chief of Staff to the Mayor. (11-04-2018)

Today in Ennerdale, Mayor Herman Mashaba continued his campaign with the mounting number of title deeds issued.

The raw emotion on this lady's face, as she was given her title deed, says it all. #Diphetogo

Ready for the IDP — feeling excited at Johannesburg City Hall. (11-04-2018)

Executive Mayor Giving out title deeds to residents kanana park ext 3 4 and 7 (11-04-2018)

This is a great day!

Public Safety Section 79 oversight meeting. (11-04-2018)

Let’s do this! — at Johannesburg Metro Police Department.

Mashaba said at the next council meeting he would make a presentation on 68 buildings that council needed to approve so they could also be offered to private developers. (11-04-2018)

The mayor plans to expropriate a further 146 buildings that will be handed over to private owners for development if the proposals submitted by those developers is approved.

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Doing the welcome of an political launch in ward 23 @ Glenvista Country Club (10-04-2018)

Miss Earth , Sohini,myself and my daughter Maxine

Tomorrow night is the IDP session at City Hall. (10-04-2018)

This is where you can have your input. Please try and attend

This kinda sums up the feeling I have today. (10-04-2018)

Have great Tuesday all ?

Grass cutting in Donnington park (09-04-2018)

Herman Mashaba: The greatest lie the ANC told Joburgers (09-04-201)

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shared via @News24

This week I have Section 79 oversight Committee meetings on Petitions & Public Safety. (09-04-2018)

Need to read the reports and make comments


Development planning office following up on issues and objections, not letting anything slip by me??? (09-04-2018)

Congratulations to our newly elected federal leaders! I am excited about working with you to #Change2019 (08-04-2018)

Leader - Mmusi Maimane

Fed Council Chair - James Selfe

Dep Fed Council Chair - Thomas Charles Ravenscroft Walters

Fed Chair - Athol Trollip

Dep Fed Chair (1) - Ivan Meyer

Dep Fed Chair (2) - Mike Waters

Dep Fed Chair (3) - Refiloe Nt'sekhe

Fed Fin Chair - Dion George

DAWN Leader: Nomafrench Mbombo

DA Youth Leader: Luyolo Mphithi

This was one very moving speech! Natalie Maimane endorsing her husband (08-04-2018)

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2 suspects arrested for the murder of a JMPD officer (08-04-2018)

Voting on amendments in Federal Congress (08-04-2018)

Did you know we have a dedicated team for DA activists / members who live abroad? (08-04-2018)

Well, it’s time you join! We will need you to vote in 2019 for #TotalChange ??

Day 2 - #DACongress (08-04-2018)

Voting for constitutional amendments at DA Congress (07-04-2018)

DA Federal Congress (07-04-2018)


A massive thank you to the residents in Walshingham rd who has this wonderful guy Jason cut the grass opposite their homes. (06-04-2018)

Your the hero’s!!!! I ask again, if you live opposite an area that you could take a few min to cut, please help us out.

We will never have enough money to cut grass.

#LoveWard23 #GrassCutting


Official statement on the murder of Inspector Zulu. (04-04-2018)

My sincere condolences to the JMPD officer who was shot and killed last night. My thoughts are with you all today. (04-04-2018)

These senseless killings of our cherished officers must stop! I hope they are caught and brought to book quickly.

Following a series of public meetings last year, we’re hosting IDP summits in every region. (03-04-2018)

The Integrated Development Planning process offers YOU a chance to become more involved in deciding what happens in your ward, details below? starting THIS THURSDAY

Come join us for this informative breakfast network. Please book your seat! Contact Nicky now (03-04-2018)

No water to the area (03-04-2018)

Suburb: Liefde en Vrede

Street Names: Cnr Klipview and Troupant Street

Start Date: 10 April 2018

Time: 08:00-17:00

Restoration: 17:00-19:00

Impact on Customers: No water

Reason: Install a PRV

This popped up as a memory today. In April 2016 there was a massive Pikitup strike and the contractors driving the trucks didn’t know the way into the streets off the main road. (03-04-2018)

Myself and Michael Crichton decided to escort the trucks around our areas. I had 3 trucks in ward 23 and some residents even came out to help guide the trucks.

Starting at 5pm and going through to 3am for several weeks. It was a success once we got the hang of it.

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Update on the power outage in the north. (02-04-2018)

Dear Customer, 50% of the areas that are affected by Randburg unplanned power interruption at Hawkens switching station have been restored.

City Power technicians are still on site working towards full restoration of power in the remaining areas. Issued by City Power

Security Officer applications' closing date extended to 20 April 2018 (02-04-2018)

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For residents living in the Boskruin area, please note that cable theft is the cause of the outage.

Way forward on power outage affecting Bromhof and parts of Boskruin:

1) A generator has been ordered to charge the new batteries at Hawkens substation.

2) Testing of Breakers and CT on the Hawken distributor at Randburg Substation

3) Replacement of stolen cable in the tunnel.

The cable runs under the N1 I’ll update as soon as we hear more

Some important numbers to remember (01-04-2018)

Please note the power outage on Wednesday evening . (01-04-2018)