COJ have various stalls available at Rand Easter Show including for billing queries. (31-03-2018)


A Re Sebetseng is based on this concept that is a massive success in Kigali. We had a delegation go to Kigali a while back to see how they do it. (31-03-2018)

We have A Re Sebetseng in the ward every 3rd Saturday of the month. I would love to see more local businesses get on board and the schools in the ward to be involved cleaning up around their schools on the Friday before.

Lets join forces and make our ward the jewel of the South.

Click here to watch

Thank to Cllr Truluck for this information. (30-03-2018)

Check Your Pre-Paid Electricity Charges

A resident complained about how few Kilowatt Hours (KWH) she was getting for her money - about 250 Kilowatt hours (kwa) for her 1st R500 purchase at the beginning of the month.

I suspected she was on the Business Tariff instead of the Residential one. So I did some sums and came up with the following calculations. Note that electrcity is charged on a step tariff that resets every month - so you get more units you buy in a month, the more you are charged.

Domestic: The cost of a kwh for the 1st 500 kwh should be R1,32 per kwh (incl VAT). Thus for your 1st R500 purchase, you should get around 378 kwh at the beginning of the month.

Business: The cost of a kwh for the 1st 500 kwh should be R1.97 per kwh (incl VAT). Thus for R500 you should get around 253 kwh at the beginning of the month.

The mystery was solved. She was registered on the system as a Business customer and a few e-mails later she was credited with the difference going back to when she got the pre-paid meter.

How Do I Check?

When you purchase your power this month, have a look at how many units you have purchased. Then look at the table below that I have produced for purchases of R500, R750 and R1000.

Purchased Domestic Business Amount Units (kwh) Units (kwh)


R500 378 253

R750 560 380

R1000 726 507

If you have received the Business Units rate for your money, then you have been over-charged and you should qualify for a refund of the units, backdated.

How Do I Get a Refund?

You need to send an email to Jackson Mphakathi at City Power (please also cc me): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. saying that you are on the incorrect pre-paid tariff. You must provide the following documents: - Proof of address via a Municipal Rates and Taxes statement not older than 3 years. - Copy of your ID. The above documents can be attached to the email. You will then get a refund in the form of a voucher with the difference in units you should have received.

Happy Easter (30-03-2018)

WATCH: What has the DA-led coalition government actually done for the people of Nelson Mandela Bay? (29-03-2018)

Click here to watch

12 hours and counting. We have had 2 days of reports and lots of debates. (28-03-2018)

To make matters worse many of our Councillors were under fire on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, race and disability.

We had racial insults thrown at us and things were very tense.

We as the DA councilors stood up for ourselves and hit them right back. Fighting for democracy and for the rights of the people in the City of Johannesburg.

Water issue in Mulbarton- JWater is busy with a burst - should be done by 23:30. (28-03-2018)

Clearly not in Jozi! But a good laugh anyway 🤣🤣🤣 (27-03-2018)

Still at council and we have not finished the first half of our agenda. 😳 (27-03-2018)

About another hour to go. Tomorrow we start all over again.


Latest jobs available at the city (27-03-2018)

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Two suspects were arrested, 1 vehicle recovered with 250 cellphones, 26 laptops & 6 hard drives. (26-03-2018)

Case has been opened at Sandton Police Station and they are charged with possession of stolen property.


My colleague Cllr Tim Truluck put a video together on how to object to the valuation roll - Part 1 (24-03-2018)

Click here to watch

Part 2 - registering on the site and doing the objection forms (24-03-2018)

Click here to watch

Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) is calling on all road users to exercise caution and patience when travelling across bridges. (23-03-2018)

Heavy rain has flooded bridges across the city. The South African Weather Services has advised on that the rain will continue into the weekend.

A list of bridges that have been affected by the heavy rain:-

Buccluech Street Bridge is currently closed to traffic Buccluech Avenue Bridge Dorothy Nyembe pedestrian Bridge has collapsed in Region D (Soweto Dobsonville). The Bridge had been closed. 12th Avenue Bridge, Canterbury Bridge baldly affected. The bridge will be closed today. Belgrave Bridge is currently overtopping and the bridge is closed. Nancefield Street Bridge in Soweto is currently overtopping Mzilikazi Street Bridge is currently overtopping in Soweto Canning Street Bridge in Bramley is badly affected Third Avenue in Region A, Chartwell Bridge is badly affected and is over topping, 118 Morkel Road Bridge in Lynhurst is badly affected Medler Street Bridge in Region C is badly affected Seder Street Bridge in Region C is badly affected Simmert Street Bridge, 2 Witkoppen Bridges (Province has closed the bridges) Platina Street Bridge is badly affected Pedestrian Bridge connecting 9th St and 10th St, Parkhurst is badly affected Robert Broom culvert (close to Robert broom/ Amaryllis int) Martinus Smuts Avenue Bridge in Soweto is badly affected Kilpsruit Low level Bridge in Kliptown . The bridge is currently overtopping.

Currently JRA officials are monitoring low level bridges prone to overtopping during heavy downpour. Low-lying bridges at risk have been earmarked for upgrades and will be cordoned off if they pose a risk during heavy flooding.

JRA Depot Managers across the seven regions are regularly updating the JRA Control Room to alert us to major damage and traffic signalling issues. We urge motorists to monitor JRA updates and use alternative routes where required.

JRA is expecting the list to grow larger as the day progress. The JRA Planning Department will conduct a detailed inspection of all flooded bridges to establish any damage to the structural integrity.

Motorists are urged to obey road signs, traffic signals and especially road closures due to flooded bridges or unsafe driving conditions which are unsafe to traverse. In the event of a flash flood, or where residents are at risk, it is advisable to immediately evacuate the area and seek a place of safety. Residents and road users are encouraged to report all road and storm related emergencies to 0860 562 874/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / twitter @MyJra or JRA Find&Fix mobile app.

Tips for motorists and residents on how to survive the heavy rains.

Flash Floods

Flash floods occur within few minutes or hours of excessive rainfall. This may be caused by a blocked stormwater drain or a dam failure or a severe and heavy rainstorm. Nearly half of all flash flood deaths are auto related, so never drive or let anyone drive through flood waters! Roads could be washed out under the strong currents. And if your car stalls in just two feet of moving water, the water will have enough force to lift up your car and carry it away! If a flash flood warning has been issued for your area, act immediately! You may only have seconds before flood waters appear. Read through the list of flood safety rules in this brochure. Adhere to them during a flood warning in order to save your life and that of others.

Pedestrian Safety 

If you are outdoors and flash flood is likely, get to higher ground immediately! You cannot outrun a flash flood. Keep out of places that are likely to flood such as ditches or dry stream beds. Avoid already flooded areas and high velocity flow areas. Never attempt to run across flooding water when the water is above your ankles. Do not walk into or near high water. Keep children from drainage ditches and open stormwater drains.

Motorist Safety

NEVER drive into water covering the road. You do not know how deep it is or if the road is washed away. Turn around and go the other way! Look out for flooding at highway dips, bridges and low areas. If the vehicle stalls, leave it immediately and seek higher ground. Be cautious, especially at night when visibility is impaired. Do not park your vehicle along streams, particularly during threatening conditions


Follow JRA for the latest developments, journey planning tips, alternative routes, and traffic advisory via: Website: Twitter: @MyJra Facebook: Johannesburg Roads Agency Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.JRA Find & Fix mobile app JRA A-Z Traffic Calming Guide, visit:

About the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) The JRA is a City-owned agency responsible for the maintenance, repair and development of Johannesburg’s road network and storm water infrastructure, including bridges and culverts, traffic lights and signage. The organisation is committed to providing quality roads that are accessible, safe and liveable for our communities.

Issued by: Bertha Peters-Scheepers Ops Manager: Marketing and Communications Johannesburg Roads Agency

All JMPD Units will be out to ease traffic congestions today due to the continuous rain and EMS on standby for all emergencies. Pls drive carefully and report any incidences. (23-03-2018)

On our doorstep! (22-03-2018)

Click here

*REMINDER* (22-03-2018)


“Inclusionary housing will be mandatory for any development in the city that includes 10 dwelling units or more. *A minimum of 20% inclusionary housing units is required* (as a percentage of all dwelling units across the development).

” Inclusionary Housing “*requires private developers to dedicate a certain percentage of new housing developments to low income and low middle income households at affordable housing cost. This document includes only rental housing as inclusionary housing*”.

*Draft nodal review*

*Inclusionary Housing*


2 female + 1 male suspect arrested for possession of 25 dynamite sticks, detonation cord & dagga in a Joint Op by JMPD K9, SAPS K9 and Organised Crime Unit, (21-03-2018)

Crime Intelligence & GP Traffic Police in Braamfischer, Soweto. All suspects behind bars at Dobsonville SAPS.

JMPD Operation #BuyaMthetho at Rosettenville this morning. 18 unroadworthy & unsafe taxis removed from our roads. (20-03-2018)

JMPD will continue to make our roads safe⭐️


EFF assaults journalist outside parliament (20-03-2018)

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Great article from Douglas Gibson (20-03-2018)

Thank you for inviting me to the rugby today and having the lions mascot visit us was awesome! (17-03-2018)

Meeting residents in a street in Bassonia to address concerns regarding building control, building plans, permissions & objection process. (17-03-2018)


I am very very happy to announce that I have managed to get approval for a 4 WAY STOP street, (16-03-2018)

on IMPALA & Springbok Road in Mayfield Park.

Date of installation will be announce soon. 💙💙💙

Meeting with Builders warehouse , SAPS, JMPD & other stake holders on the job seekers issue. (14-03-2018)

Looking for a safe and workable solution for all including the job seekers

LOL! That will teach him 🤣🤣🤣🤣 (13-03-2018)

Click to watch here

I will continue to fight for my children and the residents of Joburg. (13-03-2018)

I believe that together we can make this country great for all if we respect and help each other through to 2019.

All we want is compliance! (13-03-2018)

@JMPDSafety👮‍♀️👮‍♂️ impounded 14 Taxis 🚌without licence discs

and unroadworthy along Witkoppen.

Some of the taxis have fake licence discs and the vehicles will be investigated.

City Parks Tenders Issued (13-03-2018)

Category Tender Description Tender No. Date published Closing date Compulsory briefing session

Construction Stretford Park Ablution Facilities JCPZ/CID07/2017 21/02/2018 16/03/2018 - 12:00pm 08/03/2018 - 9:00am

Services: General Diepsloot Rehabilitation JCPZ/CID06/2017 21/02/2018 16/03/2018 - 12:00pm 08/03/2018 - 2:00pm

Services: General Bosmont Stream Rehabilitation JCPZ/CID05/2017 21/02/2018 16/03/2018 - 12:00pm 08/03/2018 - 11:00am

Services: General Innercity Park Upgrade JCPZ/CID04/2017 21/02/2018 16/03/2018 - 12:00pm 07/03/2018 - 12:00pm

Services: General Upgrading of Mshenguville wetland park JCPZ/CID01/2017 21/02/2018 16/03/2018 - 12:00pm 07/03/2018 - 9:00am

Search City of Johannesburg

Search Joburg (entity name)

Jmpd patrolling the area 😍 (13-03-2018)


Reminder that there’s an IDP session tonight in Crown Gardens (12-03-2018)

Come and attend 💙

Over the weekend , JMPDSafety 👮impounded - (12-03-2018)

2 Taxis and 1 bakkie, they were unroadworthy and unlicensed.

Snap shot of the weekend, it was great fun interacting with the people. (11-03-2018)

Well done ward 23, we have collected about 17 000lts that are on their way to Cape Town with Gift Of The Givers. (08-03-2018)

Thanks Panorama Flea Market, Perfect Water, Pick n Pay, Water King and all the local schools and residents in the ward for making this a massive success! #LoveWard23



It’s registration weekend, this weekend. (07-03-2018)

If your kids are 16 and older, they can register to vote.

You must make sure your address is correct on the IEC database

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Day 4 of #OperationBuyaMthetho on William Nicol a total of 20 minibus taxis and 1 truck were impounded being unlicenced and unroadworthy. (07-03-2018)

This operation aims to curb the scarge of unroadworthy taxis that contribute to road carnages #ZeroTolerancetolawlessness @CoJPublicSafety

Registration weekend this weekend (07-03-2018)

Mmusi Maimane

Click to watch here

It is sad to think that this is the state of the furniture in a typical Soweto classroom. (06-03-2018)

Children are expected to excel under such circumstance, and while many of our children do, it is not good enough.

I have no idea how some MP’s and MPL’s from the governing part can sleep at night - it’s not like this has just happened last week!

Thanks Cllr De Kock


There are 85 learners per class there and hoping to help by giving them relief with an extra study area as well. (06-03-2018)

Thanks to our sponsors we are able to make this happen. Watch this space......we are moving mountains 💙💙


Today I was with the new Chief of Police Wife. Mrs Tembe. (06-03-2018)

She had to contain her excitement with her husband being given his rank by the Provincial Police Commissioner De Lange.

The dawn of a new clean & crime less city


Inauguration of our new Chief of Police today. (06-03-2018)


Out of the 21 taxis impounded yesterday morning by JMPDSafety on William Nicol / Witkoppen (06-03-2018)

6 🚌the engine numbers were tampered with as confirmed by our Colleagues at SAPoliceService and were booked in at VIS for further investigation.This is really disturbing

🙁 #OperationBuyaMthetho

JMPD arrests serial hijacker in Moffatsview and recovers Toyota Hilux (hijacked in Kliptown). (05-03-2018)

Suspect was taken back to his house for further investigations and another Mercedes Benz (hijacked in Parkview) recovered.‬



JMPD are out on Operation #BuyaMthetho this morning at W.Nicol in Fourways. 21 unroadworthy / unlicensed mini bus taxis impounded (05-03-2018)

and will only be released once impound fee paid, fixed up & licensed. Keep our roads safe & keep up the good work JMPD ⭐️⭐️

Celebrating Chinese New Year with members of my Chinese community & MMC Sun 💙 (03-03-2018)

thank you Anthea Sam , Debi Tregurtha, Sandra Ma & my awesome hubby Andre


Training on registration weekend in ward 23. Training given by the awesome Cllr Dalu Cele 💙 (03-0-2018)

Don’t forget to come check that your address is correct and if your kids are 16 and older they can register to vote as well.

Come see us at our table before going into the voting station. 10 & 11 March from 9am to 5pm


JMPD clamping down on taxi’s (03-03-2018)

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Our JMPD Chief is doing operations all over the city. (02-03-2018)

Impounding taxi’s Bring back the rule of law 💙

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Bringing back the rule of law (01-03-2018)

Meet Deputy Director Jaca Commander for Freeway and his Team 👮‍♂️👮‍♂️.(01-03-2018)

To watch click here

Ready to change the face of our freeways #OperationBuyaMthetho

Impoundment at Bree and Von Wielligh (01-02-2018)

Jeppe and Von Wielligh

Trolleys were impounded of illegal street traders.

Bring back the rule of law!


Multi departmental raid at Rietvlei this morning, issuing notices for illegal buildings on city owned land. (01-03-2018)