Changes in Road Closure

Big changes coming for road closures. Public participation / comments are open

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Security Access Restrictions

For permitting access restrictions and road closures to create security controlled areas in residential neighbourhoods and business areas in accordance with the Gauteng Rationalisation of Local Government Affairs Act No. 10, 1998, Chapter 7

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Security Access Restrictions Policy - Explanatory Notes

Security Access Restrictions - Associations or Committees

The City provides you herewith its Explanatory Notes on certain aspects of how it approaches access restriction applications in terms of the Security Access Restrictions Policy 2014. It explains what guides the City's officials in implementing aspects of the Policy and will be amended and updated from time to time. If you have any comments on the contents of this document or would like further issues addressed in explanatory notes please address them to Nobuntu Ciko Duze in writing on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Security Access Restriction Policy 2014

Road closures note to be remembered

• All roads are public roads and no one may be prevented from using them

• Security officers may not stop a vehicle and request a register to be filled in

• Security officers may not stop and search a vehicle

• No fees may be charged for access to the boomed area

• Security officers may not ask for personal information

• Security officers may not delay traffic

• No posts with push buttons or cameras may be mounted in the centre of the road as this narrows down the road making it difficult for emergency service vehicles to manoeuvre

• Security officers may only monitor the inflow or egress of traffic into and out of the boomed area

• Wherever a post is to be sunk into the street or sidewalk, a wayleave form must be completed by the applicant

• Pedestrian gates should be left open 24 hours a day, although in certain cases permission is granted for night closure between 8pm and 6am

• Any and all motor gates where permission is granted for closure at any time must be able to be opened immediately in cases of emergency

• In cases of new applications a traffic impact, study may be required, alternatively a traffic safety study

• Correct and sufficient signage is critical to all closures as well as a public liability policy, as immediately the council approves the closure, the residents become liable for any incident that may occur in the street

• At present no automatic gates or booms are allowed unless specific permission has been granted, although this may change when the policy is updated. Other factors influencing a road closure are:

• Easy and quick access for all emergency services and armed response services

• Easy access to all council services, such as Telkom and the like

• A free flow of traffic in and out of the boomed area.