Pensioner's Rates' Discounts

60+ Income Related Rebate

For many years, the City has been allowing residents over 60 years old a rates rebate if they met certain requirements linked to their age, their income and property value.

The rebate from July 2016 is:

1) At least one owner needs to be above 60 years old and resident on the property.

2) The property value on the rates bill must be R2 million or less.

3) They must apply on the official form.

4) Proof of gross monthly income. If it is under R8234/month (going up to R8745 fm 1 July 2017) then the rebate will be 100% of the rates; if it is between R8235-R14116 (going up to R8745-R14991 fm 1 July 2017) then they will qualify for a 50% rates rebate.

70+ Rebate

In 2013 the City introduced the 70+ year old discounts whereby residents could received a 100% discount of their property rates provided the following conditions were met...

1) At least one of the owners, living on the property, was over 70 years old.

2) The property value on the rates bill was R2 million or less.

3) They applied on the official form.

4) Income is irrelevant for the 70+ rebate.

Note 1.

Both the 60+ and 70+ rebates will be valid for the duration of the current Municipal Valuation Roll. The Roll needs to be updated every 4/5 years and it was last done in 2013. They are currently valid until 30 June 2018.

Note 2.

Residents who have an early pension due to becoming injured on duty in the SADF, SAPS, Emergency Services or JMPD can also apply for a rebate at the same rates as the 60+ category. If the pensioner receives a National Security Grant, they will qualify for a 100% rebate. They must provide confirmation that they were injured on duty & cannot work, medical records & proof of current income. The property value must be under R2 million. They will need to reapply when they turn 60 years old.