I have to advise that there could be an Environmental Health concern in terms of the slaughtering of an animal as part of the ceremony. In terms of the Public Health Part II Manifest (Page 76):

The Council needs notification in writing 14 days prior to the event-

The animal must be slaughtered in a position where the slaughtering of the animal cannot be observed by any person on neighbouring premises or any member of the public

The meat derived from the slaughtered animal must be used solely for the purposes of the ceremonial feast

The person conducting the ceremony must handle the meat in a hygienic manner at all times

The person conducting the ceremony must dispose of any portion of the animal which are not used or consumed in a manner which will not become a public health hazard/nuisance

Not keep such an animal prior to slaughtering for a period in excess of 24 hours Any concerns please contact the SPCA directly